Take a leap

Sometimes you just have to take a leap.

You may be scared, question everything, doubting, but you have to take a leap. You can’t always know the outcome. It can be hard or scary to take a leap trust me I know. But God has you he is there. You never know what could happen and might never know if you don’t take that leap.

People can try to nudge you into that leap. Sometimes you need a nudge. Sometimes you need to choose to take that leap.

It has been my experience that if you don’t take that leap God will eventually give you a push or someone to nudge you. If God really wants it to happen he will make a way.

There has been so many times i have missed out on part of my calling or steps to it, I have missed healing, miss opportunities to show God’s love and many more. All of this juat because I didn’t leap when God said to.

God wants what is best he wants you to leap so sometimes you can soar, learn, grow, heal nd many more things. But if you don’t you can’t experience or recieve these things God wants to give you.

Also think of it this way. You could also possibly be hurting not just you but others that God wanted you to reach, show his love to, help, bring to God through HIS power. It is not always just yourself you are hurting.

I wrote this poem earlier today and I think part of it is reminiscing on powerful women who have helped me become who I am. Take the leap or start to. Because they also want what is best for me, and the others I will eventually help through God’s power and all him because he makes it possible for me. I am working on myself in so many ways. One is taking the leap. Not many of you may know…

I finally last semester decided to say yes to God and apply to Go on my first mission this year. If he wants ne to go and which one he wants me to go he will make a way. But I had to take that leap so it is a possibility.

Here is my poem enjoy please


You show me constantly

You want to use me

Why do I doubt it then

I don’t doubt you can

I know and beleive you can

I doubt the you want ME part

I know you have brought others

Had then confirm it in me

Told me yourself

So what can I do?

Maybe just take that leap

Don’t think of the what if’s

What could go wrong

What could be

You want me


You tell me

Just take that leap

I ask if you catch me

Not that you can

But if you want to catch me

You respond with


Trust me

You have worth to me

I love you

It hurts me when you doubt

When you doubt me wanting you

I got you just leap

I know you love me

You love others

Sometimes to much

You do need that self care

But let me be there

I am part of that self care

You love me

Let me show you I love and want you

You have meaning

I got you so take that leap

Trust me

It take courage and bravery

I know you can

You have all of those things

So just take that and


Leap and let me catch you be there

To hold you

Be there to show you

So Leap

Just leap for me

Leap Kelly



March 8 2019

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