Hard but necessary….

So you know growing up in highschool you have friends. Some friends you have had for year, others you met in highschool. Some friendships you think will last forever.

Unfortunately that is very rare to have even 1 friend after leaving highschool you still constantly talk to or hang out with. It is a hard transition even for the few people like me who are realistic and know that facts to actually experience it. The change from highschool to college even with being more prepared not to really talk to anyone from highschool it is still weird when it actually happens.

I have had some friends I have a friend I have know and been friends with sonce kindergarten. That was a hard friendship change I rarely see him and we never talk. He used to be like a brother to me. My point is it can be hard, scary, sad. But unfortunately you can’t stop change it is inevitable.

Now I am not saying your doomed this will happen to you. I have a friend I met my senior year we still talk and are close. You never know.

But that shows who is real and truly cares about you. The people who still initiate contact really care about you. Friendship (true friendship) is a two way road.

It can be hard being a college student who doesnt drive. It can to be quite honest suck. But that for me showed my true friends and people who cared about me. I live further from my church than I used to when I was living with my parents. But it’s also about compromise I stay at my parents the night before I hang out with a friend and some are willing to pick me up. I know I feel bad asking to be picked up or to get a ride somewhere or home. But some people who have shown they care.

One of those people her name is Kimy she is such a great caring leader and friend. She is such a women of God and her her sister, and brother in Law mean so much to me and have shown they truly care about me and my well being. She is the defintion of a true friend. They all will check in on me make sure I am ok. My friendship or relationship with them is an actual mutal two way relationship. They have treated me like family and are family.

Find the right people because if they truly love and care for you it won’t matter the circumstances they will be there for you and show they care.

Karen is another one. She is such a great mentor and women. She takes precious time out of her life to meet with me and show she care. She is a great women of God. She has shown time and time agian she loves and cares for me.

This are the people you want in your life.

It may be hard but you nees yo cut peoole out of your life if they are super toxic.

God wants what is best for you. There is only so much you can do. You are like the people you surround yourself with. So remember to guard your heart. But careful at the same time to make sure you have those people you can talk to. Like my Kimy, her sister, her brother in law, and Karen.

You will know who wants what’s best for you. They will show it by their actions. Some people just aren’t ready for what you need in a friend. God puts everyone in your life for a reason. This doesn’t mean it is for every maybe just a season. Sometimes its also a lesson.

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