Valentines Day

So Valentines Day is such an over exaggerated “Holiday” most people would agree with this statement but why did I put holiday in parenthesis you ask? Let me tell you Valentines however it started out as is a holiday about love and more specifically a significant other you have or you don’t have lots of teens single teens these days have started to call it “singles awareness day” because this “Holiday is hyped up about flowers, stuffed animals, chocolate and whatever else you do or get people on it to show you love them. Personally I don’t agree with having this holiday you shouldn’t need a day to show your significant other that you love them they should already feel it and know you love them by your everyday actions and words. Has it seriously gotten to the point where we need a holiday to feel forced to buy stuff for our significant other just to show you love them one day of the year when you should everyday. That is one thing to start off with another is the holiday is so big but have you ever thought about how it makes people who are single feel? It has gotten so big people feel like they need to have someone to give them worth or purpose but is that correct of us? We should maybe think do we really need to have a holiday to show someone you love them or that they are cared for? Maybe instead we should be making people realize they don’t need a significant other to feel loved or show their worth because God tells us our worth and it isn’t determined by relationships or how much we are loved by our significant other or what we get or whatever it is because God made us the way we are and we have a purpose not because of some “holiday.” To be honest growing up I always dreamed about what it would really be like having valentines day as a teenager and how great and romantic it would be how loved I would  feel. But as I have gotten older 18 years of having valentines days alone has actually helped open my eyes…. we DON’T need someone else or to be in a relationship for valentines day we instead should focus on how our Lord loves us and how we are great the way we are without a relationship if  you are in one cool but you don’t need to be. Do I sometimes feel lonely on valentines day and sad I am not dating anyone? Yeah sometimes I do but just today I realized it isn’t about being in a relationship and all the free time I have to do other things and focus on God and my relationship with ME and my LORD instead and how I don’t need someone to determine my worth  or who I am.  So I have decided I am gonna try to start loving myself and making sure I show others I love them everyday the best I can instead of worrying about being in a relationship. Then and only then once I have a unbreakable relationship or really strong one with my LORD and a security in myself when it is the Lords will he will show me and possibly bring into my life the guy he has planned for me it may not be soon it may be years but until then I am going to learn to Love myself for who I am and worry about my relationship with MY LORD first being secure in myself and other relationships then when and only when God knows I am ready and I  have a firm strong faith better / stronger relationships with people then I can find a Godly person who he wants me with when he wants me with them but until then I am gonna work on those things and love people everyday no matter the fights or struggle I go through so I can be given who I am meant to be with by my Lord when both me and that guy are ready for each other and God wants it to happen. Until that time I have time and other things to do. So I have decided to try and not let being single on valentines worry me or make me upset because there is no reason to and I have other things more important than that to focus on.


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