Starting from the Beginning

Hi my name is Kelly or Kell for short I am currently half way through my senior year of high school and I have grown up in the church yes but that doesn’t necessarily mean I have always been living as a Christian. I grew up in the church not knowing any better than going to church I even went to a private elementary school from kindergarten till after second grade then I moved to the same school my mom worked at. I never really felt I could be myself because if I ever made mistakes my mom would know she always had good relationships with my teachers since they were her fellow co workers. I have never been the best at school which is somewhat due to my learning disabilities  Some of which consist of A.D.H.D and dyslexia. I never have been very comfortable saying I  have dyslexia, I have always been ashamed of it and because of those things I have always struggled in school. I used to blame God for it if he didn’t make mistakes why was I so broken in school and many other ways.  Why couldn’t learn did he hate me? In honest truth he didn’t hate me and still doesn’t he doesn’t hate anyone I just didn’t understand it back then. Many other reason as well as those I grew up going to church because my parents took me it wasn’t until a few years ago I finally completely gave my life to God by my choice because I finally understood he made me this way because he DOESN’T make mistakes and that I DO need him because without him I cant survive  John 14 :6 Jesus answered I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me. When I was younger I never understood this until recently. No one is perfect on this world God and Jesus are the only perfect ones without them we can not do it but with them we can do anything when we are living with Him for Him. Yes I grew up in the church but the two churches I grew up in till I moved churches to Light and Life fellowship the summer before my freshman year of high school . The other two churches I grew up in I had friends I was connected and SEEMED to like it there but I never felt like I fit in. At both my other churches I was at I had my friends but a lot of the adult and some of the other fellow students would always tell me I way annoying and to much I needed to change and not be my social hyper self  I couldn’t be who I was. That all changed the first time I went to Light and Life I was the new girl and that sucks because you will always have most of the people who grew up in that church or wherever you are new to and  you are coming in knowing no one it  can even be scary at times. I was fortunate though because most of the people there were so welcoming and kind that at times it was weird cause you aren’t used to that but over the last 4 or so years I have made that place my home and been able to grow and the summer of my first summer camp there at YSSC camp also know as Yosemite church camp it was like no other church camp I have gone to before they are so patient kind and caring among many other things that helped make me able to fully recommit but for me in reality start to really give my life to God and it was and is a process but it was my first real break through. This church has given me a real family of people I know love me and are there for me and I am also there for them and love them I have some people I know are a safe place as well as fellow Christians I can confide in and before that I never really had anyone I could do that with. I have changed and grown and am currently growing so much in the past like 4 or 5 years than I have in my full life because I am truly following him and have a great church and support system I never had before. I may have grown up in the church but that doesn’t mean that even though you have grown up in the church that you are automatically a Christian and some people me for one know that for a fact. So don’t think that just because someone goes to church that it means they have it all together. I may not have a great story  about how I came to God because I was always technically there at church but that doesn’t mean I always wanted to be or followed him on my own till I did and now I do and try to live for him every day.godblessyou 

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